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We specialize in process and workstation automation, custom software solutions, as well as the construction of testing and assembly devices.

We design standalone machines or systems that integrate with other elements of the production line, such as robots. We handle all our projects comprehensively, starting from conceptual design to implementation. We always tailor our solutions to specific functional requirements and take into account the client’s business needs.

What do we specialize in?

  • Robotized welding, welding, assembly, and machine handling stations.
  • Human-robot collaborative workstations.
  • Control systems for hydraulic applications in the aerospace, energy, and heavy industries.
  • Acquisition of measurement and process data.
  • Testing equipment for short-term and long-term tests, including special conditions.
  • Devices for measuring physical quantities and conducting functional tests.
  • Assembly equipment. Production machines and workstations.

How do we work?

Grafika przedstawiająca proces projektowania

The concept and design of the solution

Grafika przedstawiająca proces tworzenia

Manufacturing mechanical components and programming

Grafika przedstawiająca dostawę do klienta

Delivery and installation of the system at the client's location

Grafika przedstawiająca obsługę serwisową

Service and maintenance support

  • We create a project concept, present a 3D model of the solution, and simulate the operation of robotic workstations.
  • We handle the majority of mechanical details in-house.
  • We assemble, program, and test the prepared systems.
  • We deliver fully functional devices to the client, along with comprehensive documentation that complies with current legal requirements.
  • We provide comprehensive technical support and necessary training for users.
  • We offer warranty services as well as post-warranty maintenance and repairs.

We are partner of

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About us

Our company was founded in 2008 out of the founder’s long-standing passion for automation and robotics. In 2015, we transformed into a corporation to keep up with our growth.

Our headquarters are situated in the southwestern part of Poland, between Wroclaw and Swidnica. Thanks to our convenient geographical location, we efficiently carry out projects both in Poland and across European Union countries.

We specialize in delivering projects for various industries, including automotive, aviation, energy, home appliances, and welding. Our expertise and knowledge enable us to provide high-quality solutions that meet the expectations of our clients.

Our commitment to every project, personalized approach to our clients, and a team of experienced specialists are our strengths that allow us to achieve success and build long-lasting relationships with our business partners.

If you are looking for a professional partner for automation and robotics projects, we are ready to assist.

Privacy policy

The data controller for the provided data is Automatic Solution sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Mickiewicza 6, 58-124 Marcinowice.

For any matters related to data protection, you can contact us via email at: rodo@automaticsolution.pl